Artisan to Entrepreneur® From Selling a Product to Building Your Vision

“The name of the course is From Artisan to Entrepreneur. I am an artist and musician that stumbled into the bar business.  It is the love of what I do that makes me an artisan.  Today, thanks to this class, I take better care of the systems that support my bar.  Thank you, Holly, for making me understand that being poor doesn’t make me more authentic.  It just makes me poor.  And although money still is not my primary motivation, you helped me recognize that it is a necessary tool to keep my business healthy.  I am proud to think financially and to not just pretend the scary “business of business” doesn’t exist and hope for the best.  On the days when sisyphean tasks pile up, you start to wonder where your freedom went.  Now, because of this class, I have lots of obvious goals that pull me out of that day-to-day and keep me excited about the future.”  Tone Johansen – SUNNY’S BAR  


The focus of this program is community, creativity, and confidence.  At its core, this program is about the discovery of self.  The Artisan to Entrepreneur business growth program addresses the emotional components of the business principles necessary to succeed in the innovation economy.  We’ll explore:  purpose, values, visioning, storytelling , community building,  mentoring, and wealth.  It’s the opportunity to join a very small group of your peers – limited to 15 students per section – to gain the tools and resources you need to grow your business.

“I think one of the most important lessons I took away from the Artisan to Entrepreneur class is that our small business (like one’s art) is a reflection of who we are and can’t be something we are not.  The ambivalence I’ve felt toward being a businesswoman, (no, it was utter disdain) has dissipated and I just see it as a creative venture.”  Caroline Moore – KEVIN’S/LITTLE EVA’S – RESTAURANTS 

You’ll finish this program with:  a clear vision, a comprehensive roadmap for growth, and straight-forward strategies that serve your company purpose. You’ll outline all of the systems needed to put your new plan into practice.  Most importantly, you’ll evolve as a leader and find renewed meaning in your work.


This program requires a serious level of commitment and organization to succeed.  It is an intensive, inspiring, and very personal journey.   You’ll dig deep to reflect on what’s not working and you’ll identify new opportunities to grow.  You’ll finish with new tools and the confidence to change your business.  You’ll reap the benefits of peer to peer learning and create lasting and motivating relationships that will drive you to succeed for the lifetime of your business.

“The most valuable part of the Artisan to Entrepreneur program was learning right along side other business owners within my community.  It’s a rare opportunity to be able to have such frank conversations and get such beneficial feedback from my peers, all while fortifying the relationships within my community that help my business grow.   Taking the Artisan to Entrepreneur class pulled me out of the hyper-adrenaline, day-to-day mode of running a business and shed light on problems I wasn’t addressing and needed to overcome.  The supportive community within the class allowed me to feel confident and accountable in recognizing those problems and the program gave me the solutions to solve them.”  Victoria Hagman – REALTY COLLECTIVE – REAL ESTATE


Class size is limited to 15 students per section in order to ensure an intimate and supportive learning environment.  This 10 week program meets over the course of 12 weeks and each class is approximately 3-4 hours in length.  In addition, there are two 60 minute private consulting sessions included to give individual attention and specific feedback on the plan for growth. 

“We’ve operated like a loosely organized club for so long; without systems, without rules, without clear direction. Holly has a clear gift for immediately pinpointing simple shifts to alleviate the chaos and hangups that so many of us experience in small creative businesses. It’s like magic. Thanks to her From Artisan to Entrepreneur class, Saipua now has a very clearly defined vision with specific goals that keep the whole team on that path. We have shifted our company culture from one of martyrdom and exhaustion to one of enthusiasm and joy.”   Sarah Ryhanen – SAIPUA – FLORIST AND EVENTS  


WEEK 1 :  Review, Roadblocks, and Resetting for Growth  

WEEK 2: The Business of Your Business:  Creating Culture from Your Core 

WEEK 3: Accidental Leadership:  Not the Role You Signed Up For

WEEK 4: Storytelling:  Marketing Messaging and Community   

WEEK 5: Your Path Forward:  Vision and Goals 

WEEK 6: The Nuance of Numbers:   Transparency, Wealth and Financial Plan    

WEEK 7: Building Experiences & Vital Relationships: Marketing Plan

WEEK 8: Systems and Serenity:  Operations Plan  

WEEK 9: Connection and Congruency:  Team Plan    



This intimate, 10-week course, including four 60 minute private consulting session, and access to the Artisan to Entrepreneur community is a high-priced commitment – $2000 – to the future of your business and to yourself.  It’s a personal commitment you need to make to grow your business.   

“I feel as though the Artisan to Entrepreneur program is the thing that will make my business viable as a lifelong pursuit, allowing me to support a family with the creative work I’ve always loved. Before I took the class, I was content with the unpredictable and random growth of my practice, and very much focused only on the production of the immediate work at hand. The class helped me get a handle on the total picture of running a sustainable business and defining what success could and would actually look like. Holly’s clear, thoughtful and sensitive guidance has given me the confidence to define goals for my practice and to actually believe that they’re achievable. It’s incredible satisfying to have the business in the background of my design work feel as carefully considered as the work itself.” David Obuchowski Architects   – ARCHITECT – David Obochowski


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