Community, Returning to Life, Asks, ‘Where is Everybody?’

“The Pound’s owners, Susan Povich and Ralph Gorham, had vowed to reopen stronger than ever, even hiring a consultant to act as a small-business-slash-marriage coach.”


logo_bbTwo Years After Sandy,The Future of Sunny’s Bar Is Cloudy


“She also admits that her new drive for change at Sunny’s didn’t come entirely from herself. As part of the recovery from the storm, Restore Red Hook, a non-profit dedicated to getting small businesses in the neighborhood back up and running after Sandy, sponsored a business course attended by Johansen. The course “really helped me understand who I am, and who I can become as a business,” she said. It gave her goals and taught her how to implement them.”


edible-brooklyn-july-logoStarting This Monday, Go From Artisan to Entrepreneur With Holly Howard



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