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“Big thanks to Ask Holly How for helping me create a selling plan for my former business Greenpointers.  All small business owners should think about a business plan and GET HELP! Working with her gave me confidence and showed me the true value of all my hard work. It also increased the profit of my sale to almost double of an offer I received before working with her! When I come up with another business idea she is the first person I am going to call!”

Jen Pywell, Owner
Greenpointers, Brooklyn, NY






“As a small business owner, I often feel like my to-do list is endless and that I’m struggling to keep up instead of forging ahead.  Desperate for help, I reached out to Holly Howard and am so pleased I did.  Holly helped me organize, prioritize and take action.  I was so impressed with her ability to quickly understand the issues I was facing, prioritize my tasks, and help me execute. Not only has my customer base and sales increased dramatically, but I feel in control of my business again.  Holly’s support is priceless and I know that I will turn to her again and again as my business continues to grow and face new challenges.  Thank you, Holly!

Caroll Lee, Owner
Provenance Meals, Brooklyn, NY

The Meat Hook

The Meat Hook


Butcher Shop


“When we started The Meat Hook, we focused our efforts on creating the best butcher shop in town, mostly fueled by beer and whiskey. However, we didn’t take the time to focus on the structure of our business, and the organization we were creating. Holly helped us define our roles and responsibilities, clarify our relationships, be better leaders, and get on the same page. Our shop is now managed better, with clear managerial roles, and expectations. Everyone’s job easier just knowing what is expected of them, and how they can succeed. Now we’re drinking to relax, rather than out of stress.”

Brent Young, Tom Mylan, Ben Turley, Harry Rosenblum
The Meat Hook, Brooklyn, NY

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hello Super Studios


Film Studio


“In a time where my company was in transition, I reached out to Holly for help in figuring out what I really wanted and needed to keep the business going and in a new direction. She really took the time to understand my business—doing industry research and offering useful information that I hadn’t thought about already. One of the most eye-opening pieces of info I gained was discovering what I truly wanted out of my business. I had become so caught up in the day-to-day, I had lost sight of WHY I was doing what I was doing. Holly gave me the tools to help me define “why” I do what I do which ultimately helped me expand my business. And in the short time we worked together, I was able to rejuvenate my branding, logo, website and overall mindset of how to make things work better for me. She truly went above and beyond to make it happen!”




Graphic Design


“In the brief time I have been working with Holly I have seen my business catapult to a new level that I didn’t think was possible. She has not only helped me find a way to voice my goals and dreams, but also the confidence to believe I can achieve them. She always goes above and beyond the expected — her endless support, encouragement and wisdom has lit a path for the road my small business can take. I truly see her as a valued partner for the long term and look forward to our continued, ongoing work together. Never have I been so excited and inspired by the possibilities that had seemed so daunting before.”

Camillia BenBassat
Avec, New York, NY



Home ReVision


Home Stylist


“I started work with Holly Howard just as my business was taking off. I needed guidance regarding my product package, pricing, branding and book keeping. I wanted someone to sit down with me, really listen and make sure I was doing everything right. Holly helped me make important changes to the way I charge for my services and how I write contracts and project proposals. I run things far more effectively now and I could not have done it with out her. She is insightful, personable and timely. She was a game changer for me and I will refer her to anyone who will listen.”

Rachel Plotkin
Home ReVision, New York, NY






“I own a small sandwich shop and asked Holly for help at a moment when I simultaneously knew I wanted to grow my business and that I was unable to step away. The first and most valuable lesson learned from Holly was- you’re not doing your business any favors by standing around worrying that no one else can do the job as well. The second was- don’t feel guilty about not working in the kitchen everyday but rather define what work is best for you as the owner. Holly helped me to work toward managing my business vs working in my business and that the best use of my talents was to lead, build a great team, create structure and protocol and spend my time thinking about the bigger needs and ideas rather than making sandwiches. I am now in the process of opening a second business and I feel confident that I have accurately defined who I am and what my role is before opening. I finally realize that I am the owner, not the worker bee.

Plus, she’s hilarious.”

Caroline Fidanza
Saltie, Brooklyn, NY

logo red brown square for bevel

Morris Allsop


Public Affairs


“Holly Howard is extremely professional and the best partner one can have on a project.  Her knowledge of the culinary industry and her tenacious manner were an invaluable asset in launching our Ultimate Chef project to raise funds for non-profit organizations.  You can expect her to stay on top of her work while helping to assure that the project is brought in on time and with the desired results.”

Celeste Morris
Public Affairs, New York, NY


Joseph Foglia


Interior Designer


“I first met Holly during a project in Brooklyn where I, as the designer, took notice of Holly’s ability to manage project workflow. I have worked in the hospitality industry at multiple capacities for years now, and her logistical strengths were clearly exceptional. I knew I wanted to learn and benefit from her system. A few months later, Holly began to unpack my current business plan and reorganize it into a proper and efficient infrastructure. This system has not only streamlined my current workflow, but has provided a calculable projection for future growth. My firm has benefited from her analysis and critique of accounting, branding, development and identity strategies. Each success weighed on her exceptional ability to listen, process and effectively communicate her recommendations. My business’s strengths and weaknesses–along with my own–were made clear through friendly and supportive conversation. Holly has rare instincts for understanding and blending business, with psychology, which I believe is the key to her continual success.”

Joseph Foglia
Interior Designer, Brooklyn, NY

Ryan Page




“The creative process is fueled by inspiration—it’s sporadic and difficult to manage. Holly created a database that organized, in one place, all of my projects and the steps necessary to complete them. I now feel confident bouncing back and forth between projects because I know within each, where I left off and where I must begin. She found a simple and creative solution, giving me more time to work towards my goals. My productivity has increased since I no longer waste precious time reevaluating each initiative. Holly has given me a new perspective on how to navigate my vision.  But the most important lesson I’ve learned since knowing Holly is what I was not able to see myself—recognizing my own limiting beliefs.”

Ryan Page
Photographer, New York, NY

Pies n Thighs




“The first time Holly met with us we spent most of the meeting with our heads in our hands. We were so exhausted from working day and night in positions where we were irreplaceable, with little organization. We thought we were the only ones who could possibly do our jobs and that working long hours was saving us money. Holly showed us that our time was best spent (for the business and our sanity) being owners of our business, which meant understanding all its parts. Holly showed us how to evaluate and improve our finances, staff culture, management training, and our own lives as business owners. Through her insights, inspiration, and relentless focus on the problems we loved to ignore we have been reborn as a business.  It is totally possible that without Holly we would have our heads in our hands today, but through the work we did with her we have built a healthy, happy business with the infrastructure to grow forever.”


1 Year Later:

Sales have increased by 13%

Profit Margin has doubled

Cost of Goods has decreased by 10%

Owners work 30% fewer hours and feel 100% less stressed

Sarah Sanneh, Carolyn Bane, Erika Geldzahler
Pies n Thighs, Brooklyn, NY

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